Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of “hosting” do you provide?

Orbitalunderground HD Productions provides the type of hosting typically needed for niche purposes such as real estate teams and agent sites, bands, or other, similar, subject-specific web sites.

It is important to note, and I cannot emphasize this enough, that we do not offer CONTROL PANEL web hosting accounts. The only accounts that remotely fall into that category are a) client accounts which are entirely, or nearly so, content management system based. (Such as WordPress site clients- our highly tuned WordPress installations offer such incredible performance that it is actually our most popular service, with many current clients who have chosen to continue taking advantage of our infrastructure.

The combination of  value, performance, and security make it competitive on a national level, yet with the small “firm” personal touch.

We will make necessary installations for primarily the back-end, often the compute engine of the project, or custom application- within his wide scope of successful experience with a particular application, server OS, and today’s most deployed ‘stack built applications’. Such ‘stack apps’ include owncloud, discourse, MediaWiki, Drupal, and WordPress.

MongoDB, Redmine, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails are also available.

Such deployments at this time can scale to:
64GB of RAM with 700 GB SSD storage (24 cpu cores)

Do you allocate a bunch of generic ‘control panel’ or ‘unlimited resource shared hosting’ accounts?

No, while we do not ‘take issue’ or find any ‘specific disadvantages’ to using panels such as CPanel or Plesk, we do not utilize them in our offerings. We actually do not have a single server deployed currently with any commercial control panel products- though custom control panels per customer needs have been developed from scratch to successful production, it is not a promoted service. Over the past 20 years, Truman’s experience, including countless personal projects such as ‘high capacity load testing’, with nearly all the ‘top’ well known industry leaders- namely dedicated server providers, vps specialists, and most recently, cloud computing companies, Truman has relied upon time, reliability, and hands on performance experience when selecting which uplink to use, in cases where guidance is sought with regards to such, based on certain demand criteria and knowledge of each company’s ‘strong points’. We believe this approach offers an advantage to clients who put such precious system design and deployment scenarios in our hands.

Can you be more specific, with regards to your ‘go-to’ uplink infrastructure?

Absolutely. 90% of all current server resources are spread, near evenly out of coincidence, across Vultr Holdings, Linode, LLC., Digital Ocean Inc., and RamNode LLC. Each company provides its own set of strengths, with regards to locations and resource allocation styles. Each company also offer various security protocols including DDoS filtering and 2-factor authentication options.
Those factors along with personal knowledge and experiences are used when selecting an uplink for a given project.

The Orbitalunderground HD Productions “Frequently Asked Questions” is an ongoing document. Please contact us with any questions you have.
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Last Revision: Jul. 04, 2017.