Load Testing – Site Performance Under Pressure.

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Top notch advanced site and web application load testing for an affordable cost starting at just $ 50.00 USD per site/domain.

Nice graphic which represents load testing.

This will include several passes wherein complete detailed results will be provided to you for every completed test. The definitive number of passes to be completed cannot be accurately defined as it will vary based on how well your site is able to handle the increasing load, which will start at an incredibly modest number of clients.

You should not be embarrassed if your site ‘crashes’ quickly in one of the first passes, it happens! Generally this will indicate a simple misconfigured cache setting or improper setting(s) at the CDN, if a CDN is configured for your site.

I typically make sure the scheduled testing time will afford enough extra time that should your site hit one of these snags I will be able to hang on while you make the necessary quick settings or configuration changes, then proceed to run more load testing passes to verify if the issue was remedied. Do note that I am specifically referring to the quick crash scenarios that I am familiar with to the extent I can identify them when they occur, standard testing does not include intervals for tweaking server settings between passes or in response to crashes during the course of usual progressively increasing loads.

It’s typical for many sites to begin ‘crashing’ under heavy load prior to reaching the upper thresholds available within the cutting edge cloud based load testing arsenal we utilize. Unless you have a site running on high performance hardware, that has been lovingly fine tuned such as the sites that carry the “another orbitalunderground[HD]production” seal.

*Cloudflare.com is an excellent choice for nearly all sites, as the basic account is free and offers a respectable benefit to nearly any type of site from personal blog, all the way to enterprise frontends! – using for DNS only will increase performance.

We take great pride in designing and deploying enterprise grade solutions for our clients. Of course, no high availability solution would be worth having if it couldn’t be verified BEFORE being released into the production environment.

far too often business owners, as well as bloggers and others who count on their web presence, find out far too late that the site they depend on just isn't built properly to handle many concurrent visitors.

Don’t let the “unthinkable” happen to your site. The load testing available from Orbitalunderground [HD] Productions will allow you to know what you would have been facing. If you are an existing client, you need not worry, all sites we build undergo the full arsenal of testing available- included at no additional charge.

If you aren’t a client, that’s no problem at all, we have the solution that works for your needs and budget, with our most popular test package at $ 50.00 per domain/ site. Shop around and see just how competitive our pricing is, especially when you look at the details provided by the other guys vs. our automated, beautiful, and easy to understand – yet in-depth result reporting.

What’s required of you, in order to allow us to bring the heavy hitters needed:

In order to conduct the load testing on sites that are outside of the orbitalunderground [HD] productions network, a dns TXT record will need to be setup and verified by the testing system. This dns record acts as a simple, yet extremely effective, “key.” The record is checked initially, and before each test pass. If the record cannot be verified the testing will immediately be halted. As the owner or admin of your site, you have the peace of mind that you have total control of enabling and disabling our ability to run the tests on your site.

Below is an example of the analysis/results, as they are returned with no modiications. standard 1 min [maintain client load: min. 100- max. 9999]


Actual screenshot from a test results output.

As you can see, every aspect presentable is charted to perfection, offering aesthetically appealing views into key data that will either:
  • confirm that your site isnt capable of the concurrent visitor numbers you (possibly) expect, or assumed that it would.
  • confirm, reassure, or offer general peace of mind knowing that under the most cutting-edge load testing lab systems available, your site has demonstrated it’s
    ability to withstand incredible “swift and severe onslaughts of bandwidth-eating traffic.”
Deficit Correction.

..And, of course, regardless of the outcome, the data can be used to make “fine-tuned” adjustments to your web server, load balancers, and/or any additional PoPs (Points of Network Presence) that is either in need of tuning in order to no longer be your sites point of failure, or CAN be tuned additionally to become a reinforcement to mitigate possible crashes due to weaker points in your infrastructure.

Use the form below to contact us regarding load testing. We will schedule a time that works for you, and look forward to taking an essential step towards certifying your web site as a first class piece of Internet real estate.

standard testing is currently billed at $ 50 USD for each domain/website.                  payment due at time of scheduling. An invoice will be generated with status’due upon receipt’ at time of scheduling.

-A Paypal account IS NOT required in order to pay with standard major credit cards– after you enter your card info and click submit you will see the option ‘would you like to make paying quicker next time by creating a PayPal?’ you can make that choice, and based on that you will be taken to a confirmation of payment details where you will finalize the transaction, or to a form which is required to create a Paypal account, if you chose that option.

Note that PayPal is also our standard credit card processor.