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First things first.. Use OpenDNS (or Norton ConnectSafe ) then check out OpenDNS for your home internet connection.

Simple, Free, priceless. That's is a simple, free, yet invaluable tool for protecting yourself and your entire network at the DNS level. Click here for the simple setup guide. I know it seems complicated, it isn’t… You really cannot afford not to utilize this protection.

Speaking of DNS.. While it's important to take care of your home internet DNS configuration, we also realize the importance of quality, secure DNS configurations on the 'other end.' 
That's why all Orbitalunderground client projects feature 
PREMIUM DdoS protected DNS -included standard - no extra charge.
 We are proud partners with ClouDNS. Search engine with a focus on privacy!The DuckDuckGo blog is an excellent online security news resource.


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We proudly endorse VULTR HOLDINGS for Do-It-Yourself needs.!