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Looking ahead… I have been hard at work on a new Video Warehousing & Distribution Solution that will offer an ad-free high performance option for those who may have grown wary of the usual ‘top’ providers. The idea for the project was born out of multiple personal requests for an alternative to one of the current ‘major players’ in the video sharing playing field. While the other solution handles the “ad-free” objective well, in recent months, in particular, the performance has seen a sharp degrading.
The performance has always been questionable with this alternative, but faith held out for ‘better days ahead’ with them has waned. That is where Orbitalunderground [HD] Productions enters the picture.
The very reason I was approached, period, in regards to a video streaming solution is the performance of a couple of ‘side projects’ I did awhile back stood out so much that those who approached me actually came from the angle of.. “If you could deliver a streaming solution that includes that crazy fast, blemish-free delivery- in a complete package.. I’d be with you, for sure!”
So I began to work on doing just that- extremely high performance delivery in an ad-free package, nice price- no gimmicks, and I look forward to delivering on this soon. Be on the lookout for information about a few “beta” accounts I will be offering as I get the project ‘off the ground. ‘

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